3 Rung Ladder Jack-Aluminum (PAIR)


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Aluminum Ladder Jack-Long Body

Model: Q2432 (Long Body)

  • Fits all aluminum & fiberglass round and D-rung ladders
  • Aluminum heliarced construction
  • Adjusts for either side of ladder
  • Designed for two 2″ X 10″ planks or 12″ X 14″ wide stages
  • Sold in Pairs

Weighs 5 lbs each

Safety Note: OSHA requirements specify that Ladder Jacks can only be used on Type I, Type IA, Type IAA ladders and not exceed a height of 20 feet. Plank width must be a minimum of 12 inches and the maximum span with wooden planks is 8 feet. At heights above 10 feet, personal fall protection equipment is required.

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions L 0.00 x W 0.00 x H 0.00 in

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